Sokoun, an Arabic word meaning "peace", is a formation of instrumental music bringing together oud, violin and percussions. On essentially oriental style , the original compositions of the Trio are marked by several influences such as Mediterranean music and Jazz.

The combination of the three individual pathways of Mohamed Masmoudi, Zied Ben Amor and Joseph Khoury, and the experience and talent of each of these three virtuosos gave birth to Zanneh. Zanneh, Arabic word for "drone" is the first album of the group with which he was able to impress his audience! Zanneh is also eleven musical pieces, almost all of which are original compositions, all as rich and innovative as each other.

In 2010, Sokoun won the prize for "The Artist of the Year World Music Group Category" at Canadian Folk Music Awards. He was also nominated for Instrumental Album of the year at the same event.

Since the release , the critics are unanimous , here are some excerpts:

If the legacy is preserved with delicacy, lyricism and melancholy... each member of the trio composed and incorporates Mediterranean colors. The atmosphere is the sweet vocal incantations, silences, unity and peace, hence the group name. But the beat can sometimes gently animate. The group is very promising.
- Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, January 2010

When we listen for the first time, Zanneh seems fairly classical. But the more we replay it, the more we are sensitive to the subtleties and the strength of this Zanneh inhabited, shimmering, warm, inspired, sometimes meditative, sometimes dancing.
- Marie-Christine Blais, La Presse, January 2010

We can certainly say, mission accomplished for Sokoun Trio ... Certainly, people who appreciate music virtuosos or those who like to discover new sounds will be conquered as we had been.
-Yolande Naggar, Montreal Express, November 2009